art  by Magdalena Sudnik



 I come from a typical Polish

family. Hard work, sound logic

and sausage. My first drawings

were illustrations of the Bible,

where I drew everyone with

very short arms. My mom

pointed out this oversight, and

unwittingly started my career

as a 'serious' artist.


That career has now spanned

over 20 yrs and counting. My

development as an artist,

however, has not been a

straight path. A born explorer,

I dove deep into the pool of the human experience, experimenting with my own life as art. This took me to the shores of India, the deserts of Arizona, the mountains of Appalachia, and the vast inner recesses of my psyche. 

Today, as I continue to explore the world around and within me, I take notes on my findings in the form of paintings and sculptures. These notes are not answers to questions, nor do they explain  any truth. They are investigations;  gestures left as evidence that a curious mind is roaming among us.