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Minds I Series

In the current series of paintings I explore the relationship between the physical world of our senses and the ephemeral world of energy.


Science tells us every object  can be reduced to a moving vibration (energy); our senses tell us things are solid, movable only thru physical action.  To understand this paradox, humans have created Religions to explain our emphemeral state. These have created consequences such as war, famine, and environmental devastation. Those who reject the existance of the emphmeral, believing only in their sensory input, have lived for rewards of physical world. These too have come with consequences, such as war, famine, and environmental devastation. What is going on here?


In sincerely asking that question, I found myself drawn into the world of Quantum Physics, into ancient energy practices, into occult symbols,  and into our anatomy. Cooking with all these ingredients, I found the need to spice them with a bit of irreverant humor, a necessary ingredient I think, lest the stew  becomes too dogmatic to taste.


The resulting series is presented in scroll- like fashion hung from driftwood pieces. The presention itself is a symbolic gesture, nodding to the timeless nature of the questions addressed. * Prints available in SHOP

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